Your smartphone on your PC



Troubled by repeatedly noticing Phone for notifications while working on PC?

Here is a miraculous solution - aka.ms/yourpc .

Indeed!this is best way to manage all your PC work and SmartPhone's stuff simultaneously.

Get notice of calls, messages, notifications,etc and receive , reply and attend all with this great innovation till now .Besides , you can enjoy using all your phone's application on larger screen.

Way to enjoy ride of aka.ms/yourpc On your PC

There are 2 ways for this :-

a) Through your Phone

  • Firstly, download "Link to Windows " app via aka.ms/yourpc on your browser.
  • Then a QR Code will appear on your PC ,this can be viewed by visiting aka.ms/yourpc site on PC Browser.Now , scan QR Code from your smartphone .
  • Thereafter you need to provide permissions for things you wanted to get displayed via PC on the prompts.

b) Through your PC

  • Very first step is to launch 'Settings' app and clicking on 'Bluetooth & devices' option .
  • Now , tap 'Open Your Phone' under 'Your Phone' .You need to Sign in https://wwwakamsyourpc
  • Go to Get Started
  • Now check the "I have the Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows app ready" box .
  • Click 'Pair with QR code'.Scan the QR code using your smartphone .
  • As they get paired you will get notified and click 'Continue' on phone .
  • Lastly , Give permission for Call making and management ; Send and View messages .Click DONE
  • You will get 'You’re all set!' notification on your PC .

Prerequisites for accessing phone's content through PC

In order to ease your work on PC you need to fulfil certain requirements

Updated Version :-

With Windows 10 (May update) and Windows 11 version on your PC and Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later version for your mobile phone.



Same WiFi connection :-

Both PC and Smartphone should be connected via same WiFi connection .

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